Review of Rules for Achievement Presentation at AAHABC Shows

AAHABC is pleased to provide opportunities for AHA Achievement Award Presentations at any of our three shows.  AHA has rules governing these presentations in addition to the AAHABC protocol.  Please see the AHA Handbook for the details. Congratulations on receiving your award.  AAHABC is pleased to give $75.00 towards the purchase of a gift for your horse.  AAHABC will only provide this funding once to a horse/rider combination.  However, if a new owner (of the same horse) achieves an additional award, additional funding of $75.00 will be given.  Please submit a receipt and request for payment to AAHABC.

a)       Your horse must have received a letter from AHA with confirmation that the required points have been achieved, and verification that the award has been presented prior to reserving a Achievement Award Presentation.

b)       You must be an AAHABC full member in good standing

c)       Submit in writing (e-mail or post) your request to hold a presentation at the desired AAHABC show.  Please enclose a copy of the AHA letter or FAX  it to: K. Toye (604 575 4801) or email at  Please include  your desired time slot request and a contact number.  These requests are ‘first come-first served’. Generally only one presentation is booked per session.  If you must cancel for any reason, please notify K. Toye as soon as possible.

d)       Your presentation must not be advertised in any way in the Prize List, flyers or posters.  The Prize List may only say “Presentation” unless you are not entered in the competition.

e)       Request that the President of AAHABC present the award to your horse during the presentation.  If the President is not available, a representative of AAHABC will be provided for you.

f)         Arrange for your CD of music to be given to the Announcer.

g)       Arrange for an Announcer to read your prepared speech.

h)       Arrange for a videographer and/or photographer.

i)         If you wish to have a barn celebration after your Award Ceremony, you may do so.  Finger food and dessert items are acceptable.  Alcohol may be served to adults only, but there can be no charge. 

j)         Please arrange for your own tables.  If you are able to borrow them from AAHABC, they must be returned to the show ring or a $ 15.00 per table charge will be assessed.

k)       YOU are responsible for clean-up

l)         AAHABC reserves a maximum of 20 minutes for your presentation. 

m)     You are able to show your horse for the remainder of the show provided you have followed the advertising rules.


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Dear AAHABC members!

The Jibbah is published electronically three times a year. May, September and December. Below are the approximate deadline dates for each issue along with applicable fees. Please note that graphic design is available from Alltogether Communication for any type of ad. Please contact Ashley Toye for pricing at

Feel free to submit articles of interest, barn news, stories, poems, jokes or whatever so we can share it with everyone:)

Any requests for the Jibbah covers should be sent to Kimberly Toye at

Please send all ads to:

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Spring Issue - Mid April
Fall Issue - Mid August
Winter Issue - Mid November

Prices for advertising:

Front cover and 1/2 inside        $ 75.00
Back cover and full inside         $ 75.00
Full page                                     $ 50.00
Half Page                                    $ 30.00
Business Card                            $ 20.00

Electronic submission:

Please send all ads to

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Cheques must be made payable to AAHABC. When submitting your ad via emails, please mail a cheque with the correct amount to our treasurer at:

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