What is AAHABC?

The All Arabians Horse Association of British Columbia is a non profit organization that promotes the purebred and partbred Arabian horse in the lower mainland of British Columbia. 

AAHABC offers three annual recognized shows  under the Arabian Horse Association standard.

What does AAHABC offer?

The AAHABC offers many features to it's members to encourage participation in riding activities and promoting the Arabian horse. Aside from joining members to AHA, some of the features include:

  • Annual class "A" shows
  • Amateur, junior, and open divisions
  • Purebred and partbred divisions
  • Youth teams
  • Automatic high points at shows
  • Demonstrations and clinics
  • Presentations, fundraisers and draws
  • Region 17 qualifying
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Dressage, English, Western, hack, hunter, equitation, trail, reining, side saddle, native costume, lead line, walk/trot, Sport Horse and more.
  • Scholarships

AHA and EC

When you join we ensure that you get membership  to the Arabian Horse Association along with our club. Belonging to the AHA allows you to participate at all AHA governed shows throughout North America. The AHA also subscribes it's members to their own magazine called "International Arabian".

Members that wish to show must also be member of Equine Canada, formerly known as the Canadian Equestrian Federation (CEF).

AAHABC, just like all class "A" show circuits requires EC insurance, and rule guides for governing shows. The EC is protection for you and your horse at all AAHABC shows and other EC governed shows, including Pony Club and 4H. .